Overwhite RECCE Top

• Overarm zipper vents to allow airflow or access arm mounted equipment
• Large side zipper vents to allow access to chest and belt worn equipment
• Oversized hood with shock cord synch, fits over most helmets
• Hood can be stowed completely with internal webbing tab
• Neck can be synched by another cord lock on the back of neck
• Additional shock cord synch at navel, cord locks on either side
• Elastic Cuffs
• Pattern: Kryptek Yeti™
• 100% Polyester
• 100% Made in the USA

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The Velocity Systems Overwhites are an oversized overwhite garment to be worn over cold weather gear, equipment load out, and body armor. These are not intended as a cold weather layer or wind breaker, but rather an extremely light weight and compactable outermost layer to quickly and simply add camouflage if necessary in snow environments. The RECCE Top comes down to the upper thigh and is intended to be worn with the Overwhite Trousers for full camouflage coverage. It also has a large cargo pocket on the lower rear, with zipper access on either side of back. Pattern: Kryptek Yeti™, 100% Polyester. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.


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