SCARAB™ LT/LE Quarter Flaps

• Can be setup for dual or single Quarter Flap opening
• Provides 6"x6" Side Plate pockets
• Allows for easy reconfiguration for mission specific needs
• 100% Made in the USA

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The SCARAB™ LT/LE comes configured with a standard front flap opening, but can also be setup for dual or single Quarter Flap opening. This allows for all chest worn equipment to remain in place when donning/doffing the carrier, and also provides 6"x6" Side Plate pockets. If one style of opening works better for a particular mission, the flaps can be easily reconfigured in a couple of minutes. The Quarter Flaps are attached by inserting the Velcro® Brand One-Wrap® fingers through the plastic keepers on the front of the SCARAB™ LT/LE Carrier, and inserting them back into the Quarter Flap interior, holding the flap in place. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA. **A shorter Column Cummerbund is necessary to utilize the Quarter Flaps**


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