Super Light Armor Applique Plate, 7.62x39 MSC

The SLAAP Defeats 7.62x39 Mild Steel Core at 2,400 +50fps. (Muzzle Velocity) In-conjunction With a Ballistic Helmet.

• Currently made for ACH, Ops-Core FAST Maritime, and Ops-Core FAST High Cut helmets.
• Attaches with post & ball type fasteners for easy attachment & removal.
• Light weight reduces neck fatigue (Ex. Medium Coverage - Medium Ops Core = .94 lbs).
• Adhesive post and ball pads for helmet included with placement instructions

Ballistic Specifications:
• Model Number: VS-SLAAP
• Threat Level: 7.62x39 MSC (ICW)
• Type: In Conjunction With (ICW)
• Composition: Ceramic
• Shape: SLAAP

Can be custom ordered to fit other helmets not listed.

Contact Us to order, to ensure correct fit based on helmet manufacturer, helmet size, helmet cut, and NVG Shroud.
Ph: 703-707-6280
Em: info@velsyst.com


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